Thursday, August 05, 2004

Fuck Clear Channel

Today's posting is a shout-out to one of my fellow blogsters, BeerMan.

BeerMan claims to be 104 years old. If so, he is one wise old motherfucker. Actually, what lured me to BeerMan's site was a look at his interests: beer, brewing beer, drinking beer, and bashing Clear Channel Communications.

I haven't tasted any of BeerMan's beer, so I can't vouch for his ability there, but I can attest to his growing dedication to the latter task. He has a blog, "Clear Channel Blows, " at There is only one posting there--but I have high expectations for this site.

A look at BeerMan's musical tastes... and one can understand why he hates Clear Channel.

Artists like Nick Cave, John Lee Hooker and Ry Cooder? Are you kidding me? There's no chance Clear Channel will play anything like that this century. For what could Nick Cave possibly have to say that would promote lawn fertilizer or a new brand of tampons?

Fuck Clear Channel.

On a more practical level, here are some things people can do to oppose Clear Channel and other cultural hegemonists from controlling the taste and creativity of this country:

1) Support independent artists by buying their CDs and going to see them at venues NOT run by Clear Channel (e.g. if you're in Minneapolis, go to First Avenue, not the Quest or the Fine Line, Clear Channel's corporate venues).

2) Support radio diversity by learning more about the microbroadcasting movement and contributing to it in whatever way you can: volunteering, lobbying your legislators (in particular, trying to reverse Congressional legislators' efforts to cripple microbraodcasting), donating money or equipment or services, and spreading the word. Light the fire. Prometheus Radio rocks!

3) Fight media consolidation by doing whatever you can to elect legislators who will put on a clamp on the buyout fever that has run rampant ever since the Gingrich, Dole & Clinton pony show put together the Telecommunications Act in 1996, eroding radio ownership limitations to the point where they are now meaningless, and allowing Clear Channel to gobble up 1,200 of the radio stations in the country. Clear Channels is one of only four companies that now control 90 percent of the radio market in this country. I've listened to Clear Channel stations in many cities and they all suck.

4) Spread fresh music in whatever way you can. If people heard all of the great music that is being recorded today, there is no way they would put up with the shit they are forcefed on Clear Channel.

Other ideas for action will be posted in the days ahead.


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