Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Adults With Stickers

Today's diatribe is against parking rules. Specifically, parking permits, parking meters, parking tickets, parking law. Because what could be more pretentious that that? The idea that you have to pay simply for existing (and yes, in automobile-driven America the old four wheels are necessary to exist practically anywhere outside New York City). People put up with it. Anything can be justified under the auspices of parking policy. If you're a minute late in getting back, you can be hit up for $35 or $50. But the thing that grates me the most is parking rules where there is no clear need for them. Parking permits in neighborhoods where parking isn't really a problem. What, is it going to bug you so much if you have to move your little vehicle ten feet to get a space? It goes along with the whole idea that everything has to be privatized. This is my space. Stay in yours. I think of the Bob Dylan song: "I'll let you be in mine if I can be in yours. I said that." I hope there's still room for surreal dreams and irreverent clowns... especially the kind that aren't on the clock. The kind who might even be willing to outstay their welcome. Here me earth! I'm going to squat just a little bit longer.


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